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Who we are

Senso-Rex is considered to be one of the most significant producers of textiles and wood products in the region. Since our company’s creation, we have served a wide range of customer requirements by providing high-quality products manufactured to the highest industry standards. We use effective business methodologies and maintain full transparency in our activities.

We have an extensive machine park as well as trained and experienced employees.

As one of the industry’s foremost manufacturers, we deal with a range of bedroom textiles from linen bedding, baby blankets, anti-bacterial bedding, and down bedding to weighted products for better sleep.

Our team of quality assurance (QA) specialists conducts stringent quality checks to ensure that our products are of the highest calibre in compliance with international standards. Thanks to our satisfied customer base around the world, we have a strong position in the industry.


  1. Working directly with the manufacturer will get you the most competitive prices and flexibility in meeting your requirements.
  2. We understand very well how important customer service is, so we focus on our customers and building long-term relationships.
  3. We have expansive production possibilities. We have our own sewing rooms, embroidery machines, carpentry shops, and printing houses. We are able to fulfil almost any order.
  4. We offer our partners ready-made products from our line or the option to create their own product line


All our production plants are in Poland. We use the highest quality materials from Europe and around the world. We ship our products to over 20 countries around the globe. Our warehouses and stores are in Poland, Germany, UK, and Spain.