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The elegant down comforter is a product recommended to the most demanding customers. The filling is goose down, which ensures high thermal isolation, with uniform distribution of heat. Polish manufacturer has been a guarantee of the highest selection of quality materials so that the biggest frosty will have a guaranteed comfort of sleep. Also, many years ago, it was recognized, that this type of filling has a therapeutic effect, so the quilt with goose down is recommended to people who have problems with rheumatism, circulation. Deciding on this solution, you get a guarantee that each night’s sleep will be full of peace, coziness, and a sense of warmth.

A goose down comfortable is a combination of maximum thermal insulation with the low weight of the product. More than a year of work on the design, allowed us to develop this product.  Boxes have a precise sizing. It helps to keep the best temperature of the body during a night of sleep.  The weight of the product has adjusted to its size.  It allows for a healthy form of sleep stimulation. The natural filling is a return to nature and, at the same time, a guarantee of healthy rest.

The highest quality goose down, which we use, has European safety certificates (Oeko-Tex Standard 100). The shape and method of sewing the product prevents the cotton from clumping. It significantly extends its life. Each comforter has tested for the quantity and quality of filling before shipment. We use materials that prevent the ingress of fill, so the comforter is also safe for allergy sufferers. The comforter can be used all year round, as it provides the right temperature and humidity thanks to the materials and natural filling technology used.

Great for everyday comfort

The soft cotton cover provides the quilt’s natural breathability, so it stays cool all night long. The perfect everyday medium weight down comforter – if you don’t want to change your bedding depending on the season, this is the perfect all-purpose comforter. It provides enough warmth in the winter months, but not too much warmth in the summer, giving you the best of both.


A carefully selected blend of 70% goose down and 30% feather gives you a quilt that is wonderfully plump and warm. Cotton boxes are made using our clever internal box construction – so all the filling stays exactly where it should, and you won’t struggle with any cold spots.

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