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Who we are

Based in Poland with clients & team members all over the globe.


The short story:

We are a Polish family company that combines tradition with a modern look at business, aiming to meet the highest expectations of our clients.
In one capital group you will find:

  1. Designers who develop new products and support our clients in designing their brands
  2. Textile sewing factory
  3. Carpentry mill
  4. Printing company

Educated and experienced staff. Modern machines and equipment. The highest quality of customer service.

The long story:

We strive to gain the position of a leading manufacturer in the textiles market and has the largest number of innovative personalized products for the needs of an individual recipient.
We offer cooperation on very competitive terms.


Our main advantages:

  • We have extensive experience in manufacturing and selling weighted blankets, textiles and furniture, for 8 years we have produce products for our own brand as well as other foreign brands;
  • We sew and sell weighted blankets, duvets, beddings etc under our own brands and white labels to more than 20 countries around the world;
  • Our great advantage is the location in Europe – faster delivery time and minimum formalities;
  • Unique quality of sewing and finishing, and high quality of materials used for;
  • It is possible to choose individual variants of products (we have a wide range of products for adults and children of various sizes, weight, colors and filling);
  • Individual approach during customer service – and the overall highest level of customer service;
  • Help in choosing the assortment, matching the offer to the company profile and customer expectations;
  • Professional export service. A full package of documents, accurate and safe packaging and possible help in logistics matters – this is what our clients always receive;
  • Flexible system of discounts and short deadlines;
  • Quality control during production and additionally before shipment;
  • 12 months warranty (for factory defects of the product);
  • Simple and clear process for personalized orders


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