Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bag for kids

The Senso-Rex weighted sleeping bag is designed for children and teenagers from 2 to 14 years old.

It is ideal for sleeping or resting. It is also an excellent solution for sensory therapy in therapeutic centres.

The sleeping bag is also recommended in kindergartens during nap time.

Physical exertion during play and emotional exertion during social interaction are very tiring for children.

The sleeping bag stimulates faster and more effective regeneration and recovery of strength for further activity.

According to a study done by Dr Temple Grandin (University of Colorado), the exposure of deep pressure on the body is a type of therapeutic intervention that is beneficial to almost anyone. Similar to massage, the impact that pressure has on the body is beneficial, both physically and psychologically.

During the last 6 years of product sales, we have experienced:

  • 75% of parents say that they have noticed a very positive effect in using weighted blankets for children
  • 60% of children used blankets not only at night but also to calm down during the day
  • The sleeping bag allows the child to use the full potential of the weighted blanket because he can move and turn around calmly and the weight remains evenly distributed.
  • 90% of parents prefer the sleeping bag because they do not worry that the child will freeze at night, and the sleeping bag can be tied up and packed for travel. There is also a pillow attached to the sleeping bag to make every little one’s sleep more pleasant.

What is it made of:

  • a surface – 400g.
  • The filling – weighted blanket (filling and glass microbeads)
  • The shell of the sleeping bag is patterned cotton (the cotton is OEKO-TEX certified), and pleasant to the touch like Minky – which children like very much.


Size: 45”(22,5”)x 70” and 40”(20”)x59”

Weight: 4,4LBS, 6,6 LBS, 8,8LBS, 11LBS, 13,2 LBS