Weighted Collar

Weighted collars. Gantel care

How does it work

The weighted collar is filled with glass microbeads and works the same way as the weighted blanket. The weight creates deep pressure that motivates the body to relax. Stress and anxiety often accumulate throughout the day, reflecting in bent shoulders and hunched posture. The resulting tension moves on to the head and can lead to migraines or headaches. Constantly reminding yourself to sit upright can be quite exhausting and quickly forgotten when busy with the day’s tasks.

The weighted collar is very helpful for relaxing the shoulders and neck and stabilizing the back. The pressure is light but pleasant, so you can still move around and get things done – perfect for the office, homework, or just sitting on the couch.

  • Perfect for tension in the shoulder and neck area or for relaxing the entire body
  • It strengthens your posture and stabilizes your back
  • Smart design for being active or for relaxing
  • Handcrafted with cotton and velvet for greater comfort
  • Our recommendations for the weight of the collar in relation to the body weight: 5 LBS for up to 132 lbs, 7 LBS from 132 LBS and over

Product details

  • The weighted collar provides relief to the neck and shoulders.
  • Increases stability and an upright back position.
  • High-quality workmanship and materials. The glass beads and silicone lining are soothing and adapt to any body shape. The cover is made of a soft fabric that is pleasant on the skin.