Lap Pad

Lap pad- for selective relaxing. Gentle Care

How does it work

The lap pad is a pillow filled with glass beads that exert deep pressure on the muscles and nerves. This allows certain parts of the body, such as the legs, to relax. The pad can be used at any time when stress and inner anxiety appear. The pad is especially suitable for sitting activities as it can simply be placed on the lap.

Unlike a therapy blanket, a lap pad can be part of your daily activities, e.g. for children while playing, reading or for adults at work.

Product details

  • High-quality lap pad for relaxation of selected parts of the body.
  • The weight exerts a pleasant pressure and can provide relaxation and peace, especially in times of stress and inner anxiety.
  • With glass beads and silicone cover for a soft pad that you can use to sit, sleep or relax on the couch.
  • Our recommendations for the lap pad based on body weight: 4,4 lbs to 132 lbs, 6,6 lbs from 132 lbs